Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick note about internet

Just in case anyone is interested and was really hoping to talk to me, I'm not sure what my internet access is going to be for the next two weeks. We definitely have it at work, though the connection is very slow and email often doesn't work. Our internet stick technically ran out last week, but it's still working. Hopefully it keeps on working for the next. The last week that we're in Uganda, we'll most likely be traveling, in which case internet will not be a priority.

I hope that you've all enjoyed reading my blog and hearing about my adventures. I know I can be a bit long winded, but it was a nice experience for me to document what I've been doing via this public journal.

I'll make one or two more posts from Uganda, but I'll most likely sum up my experiences (and hopefully my time in Rwanda) once I get home.

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