Thursday, May 27, 2010

Backlogged posts

Due to internet and traveling issues, I'm just now posting sections that I've written over the past few days. I've tried to describe in detail what's happened, but it's very difficult to put everything into words. Some of what I'm feeling and experiencing I can't even express to myself. Maybe by the end I'll understand more. It is still just the very beginning. In the meantime, here are some observations, just for Zina:

1) We learned that tea must be "escorted" down the esophagus so that it doesn't get lonely. Thus why you take (not have, take) tea with a small morsel.

2) Malaria can be amusing, as long as the test results are negative. Nrupa came down with a fever today so the doctor tested her. He prefaced the test by saying that, in Uganda, 95% of malaria tests are positive. Not the most encouraging statement. But now she's doing much better. She took the afternoon off to sleep and will hopefully be able to come to work tomorrow.

3) We've invented a new game: Cockroach Golf. It involves swatting at a cockroach the size of my fist with a broom, trying to get it out the door, while Nrupa screams and jumps on top of the furniture. It turns out I'm quite good. I got it to the door in just one hit.

4) Despite the fact that lizards are necessary because they eat the mosquitoes, I really wish they wouldn't crawl on the ceiling, especially above my bed.

5) Anyone who has ever driven on Michigan roads--those potholes are nothing compared to the ones here! Lanes end up being more of a suggestion than a rule because cars and boda bodas end up weaving back and forth to avoid them, which is physically impossible.

6) Despite the fact that I don't like tea, I thoroughly enjoy milk tea. I think because it that's the only way that I can get my daily fix of milk, which really isn't enough but it's better than nothing.

7) An alarm has been going off across the street every morning at 6:45am sharp. Fingers crossed it stops...

8) I clandestinely took a few pictures on the walk home from work today. I'll try to post them this weekend.

9) So far, Robert is our go-to boda boda driver. He was waiting for us this morning when we opened our gate and he passed by me as I was walking home this afternoon and drove me the rest of the way for free.

10) Regina makes some damn good beans and rice. Sorry Tits. You have some competition... And she only uses a hot plate and a small coal stove.