Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, May 29--Lazy Day

Today was spent relaxing around the house. We were planning on exploring town, but Nrupa's back was hurting so we spent the day reading instead. This was fine by me--I brought 13 books to read while I'm here and haven't even finished the first.

Our hopes for going to a wedding weren't realized, nor did the good Doctor ever even call... Oh well, apparently there was a wedding just down the street that we could have crashed if we really wanted to. Maybe next time.

This evening, we met the infamous Dave and Jessi, anthropology PhD students from the University of Georgia (I say infamous because we've heard a lot about them). The fellows from Fall 2009 were the first to meet Dave and Jessi, and since then each group has become good friends with them. It was great to hang out with some Americans who have been living in and around Mbale for a while.

Observation: Uganda is full of noises. There's the siren across the street, music from the neighbors, an insect and/or bat (I think bat) that beeps in the night, the whirring of our expat neighbor's generator when the electricity goes out. It's just as noisy as the city but in such different ways...

Definition: Sexpat--an expat who goes to another country with the primary purpose of having sex, usually because s/he is too disgusting to find a partner in the US and prostitutes are more expensive there. We learned this term in regards to some sexpats Dave met in Thailand.

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